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The Art of Craftsmanship

As with many great companies, Mad Metal started in my garage with the barest of tools and lots of determination. Mad Metal is a venture officially launched in 2011 however we have been refining our concept for many years. Mad Metal is the culmination and synergy of our lifetime of experiences, philosophies and training.

My wife and partner is a leading international designer in the fashion arena. She is a graduate of the London England College of Fashion. Gill learned the rag trade from the old school pattern cutters in England who are no longer around. She has been featured on network TV shows such as Good Morning America and other prime time TV. She is still actively designing. There is a good chance her designs are in your household.

My background starts back during my earthy days of raising horses and making what we needed out of our machine shop. I later perused a career in software engineering developing EDI product for 75% of the top fortune 500 companies to the like of Microsoft and the Federal Reserve. No longer attracted to the office lifestyle, I left that life and returned to my roots of creating and building.

My passion for vintage Harleys and frustration with cheap import parts lead me to creating my own parts in the true USA tradition of the small business job shop. From there it has grown to incorporate welding, machining, sheet metal and blacksmith (not farrier) work. Our work ranges from high tolerance parts to free art forms or metal repair.

Our goal and mission is to breathe life back into the world of USA made quality products and small personal shops to offer you, the customer, quality products you desire.

Our philosophy is to enjoy and be passionate about what one does in life. My heart is in the tradition of the great machines and products the skilled craftsman of the world brought to us, both in the past as well as the present. I believe this to be skilled honest work of value which is personally gratifying. It is my wish to share that passion with you through what is created at Mad Metal.

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I did a commission piece to implement the artist (Roger Hiorns) vision for the Columbus Art Museum exhibition "In __ We Trust: Art and Money" running October 3, 2014 - March 1, 2015. The following is an discussion between CMA and British artist Turner Prize artist nominee Roger Hiorns:

"CMA- We just received the coin x-er from the wonderful boffin that worked with our exhibition manager on the design, following your drawing. It looks pretty great to me. Roger Hiorns - Have to say it's a wonderful thing. Very impressed."

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We are excited to be in our new shop ready to serve your needs.